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Laughlin Electric offers expert lighting services, enhancing indoor and outdoor spaces with customized lighting solutions that create the perfect ambiance, improve safety, and add aesthetic appeal to any area of your home.

A residential home getting recently serviced by lighting electrician.

Laughlin Electric Lighting Electrician

You may have dedicated your time to designing and decorating comforting, cozy, and relaxing spaces in your home, but bad lighting can ruin your desired mood. You may use your outdoor space for entertaining, so you want color-changing or string lighting that brings a soft glow to the area. You may need bright lights for your kitchen but warm lights in the living room. Whatever aesthetic you're going for, you've already spent so much time decorating the space. Let Laughlin Electric is the expert lighting electrician that bring your rooms to life.

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Indoor Lighting

Our priority when installing lights is understanding how the space will be used and what function the lights should play in the room. The Laughlin Electric technicians can use various techniques to achieve the perfect lighting and ambiance for each room of your home. There are two main uses of lights that we focus on for interior spaces, those that provide bright light to high-priority areas and those that meet multiple needs to create a mood or match an activity.

Inadequate lighting in high-traffic areas can be hazardous, so it is highly recommended that bright light fixtures be installed. Just think about how dangerous using sharp utensils in a kitchen with poor visibility can be. In these areas, we tend to install recessed lighting, LED shop lights, or underlit cabinets to make you more alert and productive. LED lights in particular have been shown to provide substantially more light than fluorescent lighting, last longer, and save you money in terms of energy costs.

For spaces such as bedrooms and living rooms, lights may need to serve multiple purposes, such as reading, watching a film, or eating meals. These are the rooms in which the design of the lights can play an important role, such as a chandelier above a dining room table or accent lighting in a home theater. Decorative lights and ceiling fan lights are other ones to consider as you plan out the purpose of each room.

Outdoor Lighting

Your yard and patio can have a lot of potential throughout the year as a space to host guests and enjoy time with your family. Another fantastic function of exterior lighting is its ability to be a security measure for your home, deterring unwanted visitors with entryway lights and motion-activated lights. Not only do these lights illuminate any threats to your home, but they can also work to alert you and your neighbors of possible intruders.

Another possible suggestion for outdoor lighting is entertainment lights, such as decorative strings across a patio or a ceiling fan that can help deter mosquitos and other bugs. Accent lighting can be a great resource to use next to a pool or hot tub, creating an inviting environment for all your guests.

A Laughlin Electric outdoor electrician.

Outdoor Electrician

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Whether it is lighting repairs or other services, Laughlin is one of the most trusted outdoor electrician. We strive to provide our customers with memorable service and would love to help make your home improvement projects a reality.

A residential home recently serviced by Laughlin Electric lighting electrician.
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Imagine a home where everything works seamlessly at your command, from lighting and climate control to security systems and entertainment. We specialize in transforming ordinary homes into smart homes with our advanced high-tech solutions to provide comfort, convenience, security, and increased energy efficiency.