Electrical Troubleshooting

Our licensed electricians provide reliable solutions and exceptional service, ensuring your electrical system's safety and functionality.

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Laughlin Electric Electrical Troubleshooting

Electrical problems are potentially dangerous and always inconvenient. The danger and frustration can become heightened when a property owner doesn't know exactly what the issue is. That's where our experienced electrical troubleshooting services come in.

It's important to understand that troubleshooting is different from repair, although the two processes often do come together. Troubleshooting, in a nutshell, is identifying the problem—and done correctly, it involves a systematic approach by a trained professional.

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5 Key Steps in Electrical Troubleshooting

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Whether it's troubleshooting an electrical system or a computer system, there is a basic methodology to be followed:

  • Gather Information

    The first step in troubleshooting any electrical problem is to gather as much information as possible. This includes collecting relevant data, and documenting the information so it can be returned to as the process evolves.

  • Understand the Malfunction

    Once the necessary information is in place, the next step is to analyze and understand the malfunction. It is essential to have a comprehensive knowledge of the equipment and its role in the overall system. Our electrical diagnosis service technicians understand how the malfunctioning component interacts with the system as a whole.

  • Identify Measurable Parameters

    Knowing what is within the range of acceptable performance involves identifying the key performance indicators (KPIs)-- measurable parameters associated with the malfunctioning electrical equipment. By measuring these parameters, we can compare the results of any individual troubleshooting to industry standards.

  • Identify the Source of the Problem

    Using the available data and analytical tools, the next step is to isolate the source of the problem. This requires careful analysis of the collected information and using diagnostic tools such as multimeters, oscilloscopes, or thermal imaging cameras to pinpoint the defective component or circuit. By systematically checking each component and circuit, we can narrow down the potential sources of the problem.

  • Perform Root Cause Analysis

    Once the defective component or circuit has been identified, we will perform a root cause analysis to determine what caused the problem in the first place. This involves investigating the underlying factors that led to the malfunction, such as electrical overloads, poor connections, or component failures. By addressing the root cause, our aim is to prevent future occurrences of similar issues and improve the overall reliability of the electrical system.

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The Benefits of Professional Electrical Troubleshooting

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We know it can be tempting to perform troubleshooting on a DIY basis. And we certainly know there's no shortage of homeowners that are very knowledgeable about electrical systems—indeed, we're proud to have them in our customer base. But even allowing for that, and acknowledging our own professional bias, there is much to be said for bringing in one of our trained contractors to perform the troubleshooting.

  • Electricity is not something to fool around with. Our deep team of dedicated techs is licensed and insured for this work.
  • Moreover, with thousands of successful, completed jobs in the rearview mirror, we can draw on that experience to complete the five-step process in a more efficient manner.
  • Finally, all of our customers have better things to do with their spare time than mess around with their wiring—they have family, friends, and hobbies to attend to. They can enjoy their time off while we figure out what's wrong with their electrical system.

When it comes to electrical issues in your home or business, it's important to address them promptly and effectively. Professional electrical troubleshooting can help identify and resolve problems in a safe and efficient manner, ensuring the safety and functionality of your electrical system.

  • Safe and accurate diagnosis of electrical issues
  • Prevention of potential safety hazards
  • Avoidance of costly repairs or replacements
  • Peace of mind knowing your electrical system is in good working order
  • Increased energy efficiency

At Laughlin Electric, our experienced electricians are trained to handle all types of electrical troubleshooting, providing reliable solutions for our customers. Contact us today to schedule a professional electrical inspection and troubleshooting service.

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