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Outlet and switch technicians can upgrade your electrical system with various light switches, including traditional, combination, three-way, and dimmer switches, enhancing your home's functionality and safety with high-quality installations and GFCI/GFI outlets.

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Updating Your Homes Technology Outlet Installation

The smaller components of your electrical system are often overlooked. Laughlin Electric will ensure that every part of your electrical system works properly with outlet and switch installation can upgrade every aspect of your system. You may want to watch a movie or prefer to use task lighting instead of a larger overhead light. This is where dimmer switches come in to darken your room without you being completely unable to see the space around you. That way, you can enjoy a movie without tripping over something on the way to get popcorn.

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Types of Light Switches

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Choosing the ideal light switch for your space improves its functionality and convenience while upgrading the looks of the room.

Here are a few common types of light switches:

  • Traditional Single or Double-Pole Light Switches:

    Most homes are outfitted with traditional single or double-pole light switches. They're classic, inexpensive, and easy to use. Single pole light switches are the most commonly used switch and only have one hot wire. Double pole light switches operate similarly, except they have two hot wires and are usually used for higher energy applications like big appliances or machinery. In contrast, single-pole switches are used for almost anything.

  • Combination Switches:

    Switches can be paired with an outlet for a combination switch. If your room doesn't have enough outlets or they're not in easily accessible areas, adding a plug to an existing switch may be easier than installing an outlet.

  • Three-Way Switches:

    Have you ever entered a dark room and had to walk all the way across the space before being able to turn the light on? Three-way switches prevent this problem by being able to turn one light on from multiple locations. This is beneficial, so you don't have to enter a dark room or walk haphazardly through the space after turning the light off.

  • Dimmer Switches:

    Setting the mood in your home is much easier with dimmer switches that allow you to have a bright room for doing homework or a warmer tone for watching TV. Dimmer switches come in many designs but will always have a slider to adjust brightness and an on/off switch next to it. No matter what switch you're looking for, we provide high-quality outlets and switches installation for your home.

Benefits of GFCI/GFI Outlet Installation

Installing GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) or GFI (Ground Fault Interrupter) outlets in your home can provide numerous benefits for the safety and functionality of your electrical system. These outlets are designed to quickly shut off power in the event of a ground fault, protecting you and your family from electrical shock and potential fire hazards.

Some of the key benefits of GFCI/GFI outlet installation include:

  • Enhanced electrical safety
  • Compliance with building codes and regulations
  • Protection for outdoor and wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, and garages
  • Reduced risk of electrical fires
  • Peace of mind for homeowners

Laughlin Electric's experienced electricians can assess your home's electrical needs and expertly install GFCI/GFI outlets to provide added protection and peace of mind for you and your family.

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Advantage of USB Outlets

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Traditional outlets are great, but many new devices no longer come with the block attachment necessary to plug the included USB cord into a three-prong outlet. This leaves you searching your home for an unused block or making it impossible to charge multiple devices simultaneously.

USB outlets stop this problem and include these other benefits:

  • Faster charging
  • Free up plugs
  • Reduced dependence on adapters

USB outlets allow for faster charging without looking for or buying more three-prong adapters and free up traditional plugs for lamps, fans, or other accessories. This also allows you to charge many appliances in one place instead of charging your phone in the living room, your activity watch in the kitchen, and your headphones in the bedroom. USB outlets are better suited for today's technology requirements.

Why Choose Laughlin Electric for Your Outlet Needs

Laughlin Electric provides expert services that increase the functionality of your home. Stop dealing with outdated electrical components that no longer serve you; let us improve your space with our 30+ years of expertise.

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