Electrical Panels

An electrical subpanel enhances your home's electrical system by providing targeted control, increased safety, and improved efficiency for specific areas or functions, ensuring reliable and effective power distribution.

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Updating Your Electrical for Higher Energy Usage Electrical Panel Installation

An electrical subpanel can serve various purposes in your home, acting as a smaller version of your main electrical panel dedicated to a specific area or function. By distributing electrical load more evenly and reducing strain on the main panel, subpanels enhance overall system performance. This targeted approach allows for better control over specific circuits, making it easier to manage power usage in different parts of your home. Increased safety is achieved through localized circuit breakers that can quickly isolate problems, minimizing risks such as electrical fires or overloads

Furthermore, subpanels improve efficiency by reducing voltage drop in long circuit runs, ensuring that all your electrical devices operate reliably and effectively. Whether you're adding new appliances, extending living spaces, or upgrading your home's electrical infrastructure, electrical panel installation can be a smart and practical solution.

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Electrical Panel Installation

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An electrical subpanel can serve various purposes in your home, acting as a smaller version of your main electrical panel dedicated to a specific area or function. This allows for better control, increased safety, and improved efficiency.

These uses include:
  • Garages: Subpanels in garages provide ample power for tools, lighting, and charging stations, ensuring your workspace is well-equipped for any project.
  • Mother-in-law cottages: A subpanel in a detached living space offers independent control over electrical circuits, enhancing safety and convenience for occupants.
  • EV chargers: Dedicated subpanels for electric vehicle chargers ensure a stable and sufficient power supply, accommodating the high energy demands of modern EVs.
  • Shed/workshops: Subpanels in sheds or workshops allow for a versatile and efficient power distribution setup, catering to various tools, equipment, and lighting needs.
  • Pools/hot tubs: Installing a subpanel for pools or hot tubs ensures that the necessary electrical load is managed safely, providing reliable power for pumps, heaters, and lighting systems.

By incorporating subpanels into your home's electrical system, you can achieve a more organized and efficient power distribution setup tailored to specific areas and their unique requirements. Trust Laughlin Electric to expertly install and maintain your electrical subpanels, ensuring optimal performance and safety for your home.

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Electrical Subpanel Uses

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An electrical sub panel may have various uses in your home. A subpanel is a smaller version of your home’s main panel used for a particular area that could benefit from its control center.

These uses include:

  • Garages
  • Mother-in-law cottages
  • EV chargers
  • Shed/workshops
  • Pools/hot tubs

Any area detached from your home could benefit from a subpanel because it’s easier to reset breakers, monitor electrical usage, and save you money during installation. If you’re renting out a mother-in-law cottage, it’s much easier to charge for electrical use when you can easily measure it with a subpanel. Sheds, workshops, and garages may flip circuits more often with high-energy power tools or EV chargers, and resetting the circuit will be more accessible near that area. Other high-draw accessories like pools and hot tubs benefit from subpanels for safety and cheaper installation.

No matter what electrical panel installatio you need, Laughlin Electric is here for you. We have spent 30 years perfecting our service and investing in our community, so you can count on us to go above and beyond.

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